Poetry of Witness

Posted by J.D.Klein on August 19th, 2010

Film of a poetry reading by Jeanne Boland's students (Odyssey School, Denver) after a semester of studying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (including an RJI unit), and then traveling to the Middle East.

Posted by J.D.Klein on March 27th, 2010

This is an exceptional film (in two parts) on the attitudes toward and treatment of Palestinians living in Israel. Because it includes good documentation, an interesting array of perspectives (with a clear interest in promoting equality) and a ton of great Palestinian hip hop (thanks to the members of DAM), I encourage its use in the classroom. There's no swearing--it could push a few buttons in other ways, but I think kids will respond well to it over all--and there's a lot to explore, research, and discuss after viewing it. --Jennifer

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Posted by J.D.Klein on January 14th, 2010

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Posted by J.D.Klein on December 22nd, 2008

Go to to take a look at this new RJI Informational Film, which includes Mark Turner, Jennifer Klein, and students from both Palestine and the United States, all discussing the intention and power of the RJI experience.

Posted by J.D.Klein on August 24th, 2008

Class Files contain RJI resources for teachers, such as curricular ideas, sample lesson plans and blank planning templates which utilize Understanding by Design educational strategies.

Posted by J.D.Klein on August 24th, 2008

New RJI Artist Statement Available Online!

Go to to see Falastine Dwikat read her poetry and discuss her themes and life. This piece is a great supplement to reading her poetry, especially for the three pieces she reads in the film, "Scratch," "A Margin for a Nomad," and "Sing Me an Arabian Night."

Elluminate Instructions for Meetings

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ElluminateLive Instructions:

BEFORE the meeting…

  1. Ensure that you have the latest version of Java (free, fast download) installed on your computer, as well as a functioning headset (better than built-in sound for avoiding echo, esp. in a large group).
  2. Log into the Elluminate classroom by going to this link:
  3. Once in the classroom, click on Tools in the top button bar, then on Audio in the drop-down menu.  Choose Audio Setup Wizard and walk through all steps to make sure your headset will send and receive audio effectively.
  4. Click on Window in the top button bar, and then on Video in the drop-down menu.  A video box will pop up; hit Preview and play with the resolution of your video with the option bar until you like it. 
  5. Watch Elluminate’s pre-recorded “Getting Started” video for Participants, which will walk you through the ElluminateLive classroom and controls:!/?id=418(if this link does not work, please copy/paste it into your browser—it IS an accurate URL for the best training videos).

AT THE START of the meeting…

  1. Log into the Elluminate classroom at
  2. Turn on Video (via Window button, as above).  You MUST hit Transmit for your video to be seen by others.  If at any time the video starts lagging or freezing, please LOWER the resolution of your video own feed.  Please note that you can make anyone’s video larger than the others by clicking on their image.
  3. Turn on your Audio by clicking the square button in the lower left of the Elluminate classroom, marked “F2.”