2.1 B - Tread Lightly Challenge


At our current rate of consumption, humans require the equivalent of 1.4 planets to provide the resources we use and absorb our waste. As greenhouse gas emissions increase along with our rate of consumption, the situation is getting worse. We need to reduce our consumption now because we only have one planet. Participating in the Tread Lightly Challenge is one way to make a big difference through small everyday changes!


Visit the Tread Lightly Challenge page to learn more about how to participate. Whether you commit to reduce your footprint in one or all of the categories, be sure to visit the category page(s) daily to document your actions! When you've finished the challenge, retake the quiz and reflect on your experience through the "Tread Lightly Challenge" discussion thread.

Learning Objectives

  • To investigate how to measure and reduce personal ecological footprints through the Tread Lightly Challenge.

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