2.2 - Visualizing Footprints


Young people around the world are encouraged to submit creative reflections on the themes of ecological footprints and climate change to the annual Imprints Art Contest. This is your chance to create "environmental art" - artwork made with minimal impact on the environment, using environmentally friendly materials and/or incorporating the environment and sustainability as themes.


Start collecting environmentally friendly and recycled materials to use for your art project. These can include:

  • Found materials;
  • Waste paper;
  • Recyclable materials and/or
  • Biodegradable and natural materials.
Document the process of collecting materials through a photo blog entry. Brainstorm images and symbols that represent the concepts of ecological footprints and climate change, and see if you can incorporate any of these symbols in your work. You can choose to incorporate environmentally friendly materials, an environmental theme, or - even better - both! You can use any medium (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, etc.) so long as you can digitize your work in order to upload it. When you are done, write an artist statement to accompany your piece, detailing the materials used, the process, and the message you hope to convey. Then, upload a digitized version of your art to the Imprints Art Contest page.

Learning Objectives

  • To create ecological artwork using environmentally friendly materials.
  • To represent environmental themes through art.
  • To explore the potential of using art as a means of advocacy and communication.

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